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Meet Our Staff – Camille Colter

Presenting Camille Colter! Camille is a Bioprocess Engineering major with minors in Sustainability Studies and Nuclear Power Generation Systems in her senior year. As our office’s Communications and Program Coordinator, she writes our Campus Changemaker stories and runs the Battery Recycling Program. Thank you, Camille! 
October 31, 2022
SDG4Sustainability in Action

Campus Changemaker: Becki Retzlaff

By Grace Reilein. When was the last time you rode a bike to work? Yesterday? Every day this week? How about for the last 25 years? Becki Retzlaff falls in that final group, and as the newest Director of the Academic Sustainability Program, it could not be more fitting. Becki…
August 10, 2022
SDG15Sustainability in Action

Campus Changemaker: Sarah Lessard

By Grace Reilein. When exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it is important to note that many distinct factors allow for a goal to be reached. There cannot solely be work in the oceans, or in agriculture, but there must be collaboration between policymakers, companies, organizations, and the citizens…
April 6, 2022