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The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the fall and spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  You can receive our digest directly in your inbox by completing our sign-up form.


Wellbeing: The Leaders We Teach & Train

  • Director’s Corner: What is a Health Promoting University? ~ Mike Kensler
  • Meet Our Staff | Evie Pearson ~ Bella Wright
  • AASHE 2023 Conference Recap ~ Jesse Teel


Wellbeing: The Impacts We Drive

  • Campus Changemaker: Blake Butcher ~ Bella Wright
  • Gulf Scholars Program Seeks Student Applications ~ Becki Retzlaff
  • Electric Vehicle Showcase: An Electric Atmosphere for an Electric Event ~Patricia Barnes
  • Meet Our Staff | Katherine Anne Davis ~ Bella Wright


Sustainability: Winter Break Edition

  • Plan to Power Down for Break ~ Kenzley Defler
  • Holiday Green Gift Giving Guide ~ Diana Rowell
  • Meet Our Staff | Florrie Adams ~ Bella Wright


Wellbeing: The Future We Create

  • Meet Our Staff | Hannah Schwartz ~ Bella Wright
  • Guest Blog: Parks for People ~ Binita Mahato
  • Guest Blog: Aging Well- Connect With OLLI ~ Scott Bishop
  • Guest Blog: Building Community in Switzerland ~ Becki Retzlaff


Society: The Future We Create

  • Director’s Corner: Sustainability Reflects “The Progress of the Human Mind”
  • Research Assessment ~ Randy Martin
  • Campus Changemakers: Charlie Gordon ~ Bella Wright
  • Sustainability Picnic Recap ~ Hannah Schwartz
  • Museums as Spaces for Building Connections ~ Randi Evans

APRIL 2023

Air & Climate Edition

  • Air & Climate Assessment ~ Randy Martin
  • Director’s Corner: Green Certified Buildings are Good for You!
  • Campus Changemakers: Dr. Karen McNeal
  • The Big and Small Ways to Celebrate Earthday ~ Becki Retzlaff
  • A Darker Shade of Green ~ Savanna Wooten
  • “Handprint” Your Way to a Better World ~ Mike Buhmann and Stephanie Richardson
  • Climate Change: An Issue of Climate Justice ~ Ghanashyam Khanal and Nabin Bhandari


Diversity & Affordability Edition

  • Diversity & Affordability Assessment ~ Randy Martin
  • Director’s Corner: A Warrior for the Human Spirit
  • Campus Changemakers: Dr. Kimberly Mulligan-Guy
  • Planting Tomorrow’s Habitat ~ Kaylee Dimmock
  • The Song of the Taiwanese Trash Truck ~ Jesse Teel


Purchasing Edition

  • Grounds Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report ~ Meleah Montgomery
  • The Importance of Planting Native Vegetation ~ John Kush
  • The Case for Higher Parking Fees ~ Becki Retzlaff
  • It’s Electric! Read how to make an impact as an Energy Alabama Student Member ~ Laurel Holmes, Energy Alabama
  • Auburn University partners with Spin to add electric bikes and scooters to campus ~ Preston Sparks, OCM


Purchasing Edition

  • Director’s Corner: What We Can Learn From “Earthrise” ~ Mike Kensler
  • Campus Changemaker: Beau Brodbeck ~ Camille Colter
  • Purchasing Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report ~ Randy Martin
  • Meet Our Staff: Meleah Montgomery
  • SAAA: I Never Stopped Thinking Green ~ Jerald Cook
  • Aluminum is a Recycling Champ ~ Jesse Teel
  • The Greenest Building is One Already Built ~ Becki Retzlaff


Academic Curriculum Edition

  • Director’s Corner: What Should College Graduates Know About Sustainability? ~ Mike Kensler
  • Campus Changemaker: Chris Wyckoff ~ Camille Colter
  • Academic Curriculum Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report ~ Randy Martin
  • Meet Our Staff: Camille Colter
  • Meet Our Staff: Randy Martin
  • Sustainability in the Core Curriculum ~ Becki Retzlaff


On-Campus Engagement Edition

  • Director’s Corner: Less Bad Isn’t Good Enough ~ Mike Kensler
  • Campus Changemaker: Kathrine-Ann Davis ~ Camille Colter
  • On-Campus Engagement Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report ~ Randy Martin
  • Meet Our Staff: Kaylee Dimock
  • Meet Our Staff: Erin Miller
  • Employees Welcomed & Encouraged to Engage with Office of Sustainability ~ Jen Morse
  • A Comeback Story: Sustainability Picnic 2022 ~ Camille Colter
  • Driving Into the Future: Auburn’s Electric Vehicle Showcase Event ~ Kaylee Dimock


Transportation Edition

  • Director’s Corner: A Bicycle Friendly University ~ Mike Kensler
  • Transportation Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report ~ By Randy Martin
  • Campus Changemakers: Vicky L. Van Santen ~ By Camille Colter
  • Office of Sustainability’s Annual Picnic Back After Two-Year Hiatus ~ By Tyler Schmidt | The Auburn Plainsmen
  • Transit-Oriented Development: Moving Southerns Around ~ By Max Garcia
  • Walking the Walk & Biking the Bike ~ Becki Retzlaff


Welcome Back & Auburn’s Sustainability Assessment

  • Director’s Corner: Sustainability & the Goal of Human Wellbeing ~ Mike Kensler
  • Campus Changemaker: Becki Retzlaff ~ Grace Reilein
  • Students & Alumni Build Community in the Sustainability Auburn Alumni Affiliate ~ Kaitlin Robb Price
  • Auburn’s Leadership in Sustainability in Academics: Evidence from the STARS Rating System ~ Becki Retzlaff
  • Level Up: A Better U ~ Patrick Johnston

APRIL 2022

SDG #15: Protect, restore & promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, & halt & reverse land degradation & halt biodiversity loss.

  • Director’s Corner: A Land Ethic, an Ecological Conscience, & Biophilia
  • Alumni Feature: Travys Harper
  • Campus Changemaker: Sarah Lessard ~ Grace Reilein
  • Salt Marshes are Beautiful, Stinky, & Uncomfortable Places to Work ~ Sam Bickley
  • Sustainable for Who? Decisions, Development, & Destruction ~ Ryan Thomson
  • Hazardous Waste Sites at Auburn University ~ Mason Pitre

MARCH 2022

SDG #11: Make cities & human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, & sustainable.

  • Director’s Corner: Regeneration: Reversing Global Degeneration
  • Campus Changemaker: Max Garcia ~ Grace Reilein
  • Alumni Feature: Travys Harper


SDG #6: Ensure availability & sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

  • Director’s Corner: Clean Water, Sanitation, and Human Rights: What Do We Owe Our Neighbors
  • Campus Changemaker: Students for Clean Water ~ Grace Reilein
  • Water Quality: Lessons from a Crayfish ~ Molly Kilpatrick


SDG #5: Achieve gender equality & empower all women & girls.

  • Director’s Corner: Addressing “the Greatest Human Rights Challenge in the World”
  • Campus Changemaker: Women’s Initiatives & Gender Equity ~ Grace Reilein
  • All Gender Restroom Map Created by Sustainability Capstone Class ~ Grace Reilein
  • To Men Becoming Gender Justice Allies at Auburn ~ Tal Peretz
  • Alabama, Eradicate the Tampon Tax ~ Regan Moss
  • Gender Equality Requires Parity in Leadership ~ Steph Shepherd
  • Community Garden Water Sustainability Initiative ~ Marley Halter


SDG #1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

  • Director’s Corner: Is the Response to Climate Change a War? Yes. And No.
  • Campus Changemaker: One Campaign at Auburn ~ Grace Reilein


SDG #14: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

  • Director’s Corner: Spaceship Earth & the “Ultimate Life Support System”
  • Campus Changemaker: Tony Moss ~ Grace Reilein
  • All-Gender Restroom Map Created By Sustainability Capstone Class ~ Grace Reilein
  • Meet Our Student Staff: Molly Kilpatrick & Grace Reilein
  • Cooperation for Conservation: How Communities That Depend On Coral Reefs Are Responding To The Climate Crisis ~ Dr. Kelly Dunning


SDG #4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

  • Director’s Corner: Climate Change 2021 & A “Quality Education”
  • Campus Changemaker: Miriam Wyman ~ Grace Reilein
  • When It Rains, It Pours: Sustainability Picnic 2021 ~ Molly Kilpatrick
  • Where, How, and Why We Learn: Promises of Whole School Sustainability ~ Dr. Lisa Kensler
  • Orange & Blue Goes Green with Gameday Waste & Recycling Program ~ Joan Hicken
  • How Auburn University & Higher Education Can Adress Quality Education ~ Miriam Wyman


SDG #17 Strengthen the means of implementation & revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

  • Director’s Corner: We are Partners in the Business of Preserving Life
  • Campus Changemaker: Service Programs in the Office of Student Involvement ~ By Chloe McMahon
  • Sustainability Resources for Students
  • Community-University Partnerships: Lessons From the Field ~ Sean Forbes
  • Once is Not Enough. Recycle. ~ Joan Hicken
  • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat… ~ Dr. Eve Brantley
  • The Power of Partnerships to Promote Global Sustainability: The Story of One Alabama Community ~ Hollie Cost