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A Week in the Woods: My Favorite Conference Table

| Professional Development, SDG3, SDG4, Updates | No Comments
By Keli Berkman* In March, I spent a week in the woods learning, growing, and eating a lot of peanut butter. I had the incredible opportunity to complete the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course offered by Landmark Learning in Cullowhee, NC, thanks to the Office of Sustainability’s Professional Development Sponsorship…

Public Engagement Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report

| SDG1, SDG11, SDG12, SDG16, SDG17, SDG4, SDG8, STARS | No Comments
By Randy Martin & Bella Wright It is no secret that the city of Auburn revolves around the university. If you’ve ever been to a football game, you know that the entire town comes to a standstill as the Tigers battle it out on the field. Whether you attend the…

Finance Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report

| SDG16, SDG8, STARS | No Comments
By Randy Martin The role of a university endowment is to invest donated money and gifts and use the returns to fund school operations. The role of those charged with this task must utilize their abilities and all the tools available to them to make sure the university gets a…

Energy Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report

| SDG13, SDG7, STARS | No Comments
By Hannah Schwartz  Universities play a pivotal role in shaping the future, not just through education but also by setting an example of responsible stewardship. Saving energy isn't just about cutting costs; it's about society, wellbeing, and environmental impact. By implementing energy-saving measures, universities demonstrate commitment to mitigating climate change…

Food & Dining Assessment: Auburn University’s STARS Report

| SDG12, SDG14, SDG15, SDG2, SDG3, STARS | No Comments
By Bella Wright  Food is essential to the survival of all living beings on our planet. How this food is grown, processed, and distributed significantly impacts the environment. Auburn University has extensive dining services across campus, offering a variety of choices for nutrition and dining. Where food on campus is…
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