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Students interested in learning more about sustainability through practical experience will find a number of opportunities available right here on Auburn’s main campus. In addition to our office, current on-campus programs that offer internships in areas related to sustainability include:

Academic Sustainability Programs

Auburn Technical Assistance Center

Waste Reduction & Recycling

For more information about opportunities in these areas, please contact the appropriate office.

Office of Sustainability Opportunities


Photo of the 2016-17 Office of Sustainability Interns

2016-17 Office Interns at the AASHE Conference in Baltimore. From bottom to top: Diana Rowell, Hallie Nelson, Kaitlin Robb, Kenzley Defler, Kelsey Lawrence, Max Garcia, and Matt Preisser.

The Office of Sustainability offers paid student employment opportunities each academic year beginning with the fall semester in August.  Positions are open to students who have sophomore, junior, or senior standing at the beginning of the academic year.

Students from any academic discipline that want to make a difference by applying their talents, training, and skills in ways that will support Auburn University in its move toward sustainability are encouraged to apply.

Office of Sustainability student staff have the opportunity to work on a range of individual and team projects. As such, we look for self-motivated, team-oriented, and collaborative individuals who are capable of independent work.  Our expectation is that our student staff will commit to 15 hours per week while classes are in session.

In applying specific knowledge, skills, & talents, student staff will:

  • be part of a team to cultivate & spread an ethic & practice of sustainability;
  • take a leadership role in sustainability projects on campus;
  • serve as a liaison for the Office of Sustainability;
  • help with office support duties;
  • assist with the campus battery recycling program;
  • attend a weekly staff meeting;
  • attend a weekly team meeting; &
  • attend sustainability trainings & other events.

We issue a call for applications each February and make final decisions for the next academic year by the end of March.  Announcements for applications are made via our digest, website, This Week at AU, and social media.

For questions concerning employment, please contact us.

Meet Our Student Staff

Each year we’re lucky to have a group of undergraduate students contribute their time and talents to help achieve our mission.  You can learn a bit more about this year’s group below, and of course, you can meet our prior year student staff, too!

Photograph of Camille Colter
Communications & Program Coordinator

Camille Colter

Senior | Biosystems Engineering | Nuclear Power Generation | Sustainability Studies

Camille is in her fifth-year at Auburn, pursuing a bachelors in Bioprocess Engineering with minors in Sustainability Studies and Nuclear Power Generation Systems. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama with her artist/graphic designer mother and cook/former restaurant owning father. The creativity she was surrounded by brought about her interest in fashion design at a young age. Camille began sewing in the second grade and became interested in the fashion industry, leading to her discovery of the negative impacts it has on the environment. This finding peaked her interest in working to make a more sustainable world and led to her minoring in Sustainability Studies. From her sustainability courses, she developed an interest in renewable energy that brought her to the Biosystems Engineering department and her second minor, nuclear power. During her time at Auburn, Camille has so far graduated from the Emerge at Auburn program, served as an Ambassador for the Academic Excellence Program, spent three years as a Residential Assistant for Housing, done undergraduate research on biofuel and bioenergy, and served as the Communications Chair, then Lead Chair, for Auburn’s North American Young Generation in Nuclear. When she is not running around campus like a crazy person, she is either at home watching Bob’s Burgers, working out (and getting swole), relaxing with her friends, upcycling clothes, thrift shopping, or doing a random craft her mom sent her in the mail. As an intern for the Office of Sustainability, she hopes to make an impact on Auburn University and improve the campus that has been so good to her, in hopes it will continue to be great for others.
Photograph of Kaylee Dimock
Social Media Specialist

Kaylee Dimock

Sophomore | Biomedical Sciences

Kaylee is a sophomore in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in pre-medicine. She grew up near Atlanta, Georgia, and fell in love with Auburn when her older brothers first enrolled. She wanted to be involved with the Sustainability Department because she wanted to be part of real change with good people, and she is so happy to have found that here. Kaylee believes that the Earth is a gift, and we are to love and steward her well, and she is excited to be part of that at Auburn. Her hobbies include waterskiing for the Auburn Waterski Club, hiking and anything outdoors, creating art in all its forms, exploring the intricacies of difficult topics with people of diverse backgrounds, and fighting for LGBTQ issues.
Photograph of Randy Martin
Communications & Program Coordinator

Randolph "Randy" Martin

Junior | Environmental Science

Randolph "Randy" Martin is a Junior in the Environmental Science program. As a student and a learner, he has pursued the intersection of community, business, and sustainability. Prior to his college career he helped tell the story of several brands in Birmingham, AL through digital media and design. He intends to use his experiences and degree to help organizations pursue a sustainable model of operations.
Photograph of Erin Miller
Graphic Design Specialist

Erin Miller

Junior | Graphic Design | History

Erin is a junior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in History. She is from Gulf Shores, Alabama and grew up on the beach. Growing up in a popular tourist town has allowed for Erin to be inspired by those who care for the their environment and want to see it prosper. Her favorite thing about Auburn is the opportunities to try new things and learn as much as she can. She chose to pursue graphic design because it is a people based field. Design allows for communication through the arts. Erin is someone who loves the outdoors and as the Design Specialist for the Office of Sustainability, she wants to help others love and care for it, too.
Photograph of Meleah Montgomery
Outreach Coordinator

Meleah Montgomery

Junior | Materials Engineering | Sustainability

Meleah is a junior majoring in Materials Engineering with a minor in Sustainability Studies who looks forward to combining the two to tackle today’s challenges. Meleah’s upbringing in Hoover, Alabama had a significant impact on her. Community is a value of hers; she strives to remain involved and wants to develop genuine relationships with community members. Her passions include direct service, the outdoors, and traveling. Becoming a Logistics or Engineer Officer in the U.S. Air Force, obtaining her P.h.D in Material Science, and working on social issues are some of her life goals. Meleah has enjoyed learning about the active citizen continuum and hopes to grow as an individual through continued education. As an intern for the Office of Sustainability, she hopes to become more conscientious of life choices that affect the environment and spread awareness of sustainable efforts towards our society, well-being, economy, and nature.