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Bike Share Basics

By March 29, 2016July 31st, 2020No Comments

Maybe you’ve noticed lately, all of the cool kids on campus can be spotted riding War Eagle Bicycles around campus. How can you be a cool kid that rides an orange and blue bike from class to class? Well, it’s pretty easy.

First, you need to download the Social Bicycles App on your phone and create an account. It’ll ask for your credit card information, but don’t worry because as long as you ride for only two hours a day, it’s completely free! Once you’ve set up the account you can reserve a bike at your nearest bicycle hub. The app will let you know which bike is yours and all you have to do to unlock it is enter your pin code. You can then take the lock off of the bike and store it in the holes on the back of the bike.  You’re now ready to ride!

So, now you know; get out and try the War Eagle Bike Share! Take your friends for a bicycle ride around campus on a sunny day, and grab some coffee after. Or, actually be on time for that one class that you have to powerwalk across campus to.


Post contributed by Hallie Nelson, Office of Sustainability Intern

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