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Join the War Eagle Bike Share Today! Here’s How…

By February 19, 2016August 17th, 20214 Comments


Post contributed by Don Andre, Manager of Parking Services

Photo of War Eagle Bike Share bicyclesWe are pleased to announce that the War Eagle Bike Share program is now available.  You can go to your app store/market place on your smart phone or visit  and join the program to start using the bicycles.

  • Go to your app store/market place and search for “Social Bicycles”.
  • When installing, you will need to agree to allow the app to access your location and send notifications.
  • Once in the app, and when prompted after the instructions, select “Register” and then select “War Eagle Bike Share” network.
  • You must enter payment information in case you exceed the free two-hour rental period.
  • Keep in mind the PIN code you select when registering will be your PIN for accessing bicycles at the hub locations.
  • To activate your registration, you must confirm via the link in the email you will receive from
  • Once your registration is activated, you’re ready to ride!

To use a bike without making a reservation in advance, go to a War Eagle Bike Share hub and enter your account number and PIN code.  The bike will unlock – remove the yellow U-bar and place it in the holster rings on the left side of the bike while riding.

To reserve a bike, go to the Social Bicycles app on your smart phone or visit Select a bike from the map that you would like to reserve.  After clicking or tapping on the bike, press the “CONFIRM” button.   A screen will pop up informing you which bicycle you have reserved and give you the opportunity to cancel the reservation.  You can then go to the War Eagle hub location, find the bicycle you reserved and enter your PIN code to unlock the U-bar.

Photo of keypad on a War Eagle Bike Share bike.If a rider would like to make a quick stop, they can press the “HOLD” button on the keypad interface and lock the bike to a nearby rack to temporarily pause the rental. Any maintenance issues encountered can also be reported directly on the keypad.

When your ride is complete, you must return the bicycle to any War Eagle Bike Share hub to end the ride and not be charged additional fees.  Be sure to lock the bike securely to the bicycle rack by securing the U-bar around the rack and insert into the designated holes at the rear of the bike.  If there is not any space in the hub to return the bike, you may lock the bicycle to any bike rack near the hub and contact our office through email or by calling (334) 844-4143 to let us know where the bicycle is located.

The bike share information/instructions are also available in the app by selecting the “Support” option.

Thanks!  Enjoy your ride, follow the rules of the road and wear a helmet.

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  • Great initiative to reduce gas emissions and support soft modes of transport development in cities. Its efficiency has already been proved in many big cities, such as in France where it is operated by JC Decaux in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse… Reports mention only a f ew cases of incivility and problems, it shows that people can respect things that are made them and it is promising for the future. It would be great if in the city of the future, transport modes were only electric buses, metro, tramway and shared bikes or electric cars. It sounds really utopian…

  • Pam says:

    If they really want people to use this, there shouldn’t be a restriction to one-time use per day. It should be feasible for students to use them numerous times throughout the day.

    • Amy Strickland says:

      Pam —

      Thanks for providing feedback; we’re always glad to hear from users. To clarify, the current system doesn’t limit the number of rides a person can make per day. Rather it provides 2 free hours of riding per day, which can be spread across as many different rides as one might want. After the 2 free hours, the riding fees kick in.

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