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Wide Selection of Sustainability Courses Offered in Fall 2016

By March 30, 2016September 29th, 2020No Comments

Post contributed by Dr. Nanette Chadwick, Director of Academic Sustainability Programs

Photo of students listening to a lecturer in an outdoor setting.

Students in the Intro to Sustainability course learn about stormwater management from Jeff Dumars.

Academic Sustainability Programs has compiled a guide to all of the courses offered during the Fall 2016 semester, which relate to the Minor in Sustainability Studies. This course document also shows the pattern of course offerings over the past 3 years, for all electives and required classes in the minor, to help students plan about when our courses usually are offered (spring, summer, and/or fall each year). Included in the file are courses that have been accepted as substitutes for minor electives in the past.

For students who are not pursuing the minor, this list is also a valuable guide to the wide variety of classes on campus that relate to aspects of sustainability, which they can take as general electives or even as part of their majors.

If faculty are interested in adding your course to this list, please contact Dr. Chadwick to initiate the process. We send this course list to the sustainability student email list each semester, so it’s a great way to publicize your course and let students know what you are offering.

Our minor website also highlights new and upcoming special courses (such as study abroad) that relate to sustainability. We are happy to post flyers and information about your courses on our site.

Both the Fall 2016 course list, and special announcements about upcoming courses, can be found on the Minor in Sustainability Studies website.

Also this Fall, for the first time we are offering 2 sections of SUST 2000 Introduction to Sustainability, to accommodate the growing number of students who are taking this course to fulfill their core Social Studies requirement, as well as for the minor or as a general elective.

Best wishes to students as you register for Fall semester!

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