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The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the fall and spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  Below you can access direct links to our 2019-20 issues and can find links to archives from other academic years. If you would like to receive our digest directly in your inbox you can complete our sign-up form.

MAY 2020

  • Director’s Corner: Creating a New Normal: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Remembering Our Friend & Colleague Nanette Chadwick
  • Congratulations to Our Graduating Students
  • VIDEO: Solve Climate by 2030: Alabama & National Power Dialog
  • VIDEO: Nifty & Thrifty: Crafting the Bioeconomy
  • COVID-19
  • News & Events

APRIL 2020

We must recognize and act upon our connectedness to all life through time and space.

  • Director’s Corner: At the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day it’s Lessons Have Yet to be Learned
  • Webinars, Documentaries, & Professional Development Opportunities Expanded
  • Solve Climate by 2030 National Power Dialog & Power Dialog for the State of Alabama
  • Sustainability in the Workplace (SU100) Course Offered for Employees through HRD
  • COVID-19 Updates from Auburn University
  • Books and Ball Caps
  • News & Events

MARCH 2020

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. “-Michael Pollan

  • Director’s Corner: Eating as if Food is the Point
  • Campus Changemaker: Ana Plana
  • Did You Know That before the Grocery Store & the Food Truck, There are the Bees?
  • A Taste of Sustainability
  • Food & Climate Change: A Permaculture Perspective
  • What is the Connection Between Climate Change & Our Food System? Does What We Eat Really Make a Difference?
  • Are Controlled Environments the Future of Food Production?
  • Books and Ball Caps
  • News & Events


Our humanity determines our impact.

  • Taking the Measure of Our Humanity in the 21st Century
  • Campus Changemaker: Dr. Hayford Nsiah
  • Climate & Water Security: Vulnerable Communities in Per-Urban India
  • Lee County Remembrance Project: Reflecting on the Past to Build a Better Future
  • Dr. Katharine Hayhoe: Faith, Climate Change, & Our Culture in the U.S.
  • Books and Ball Caps
  • News & Events


The only way we can thrive is by living within our ecological means.

  • Humanity’s Growing Ecological Footprint: “The only measure which tracks how much nature we have – & how much we use.”
  • Counting Carbon at Auburn University
  • Meetings Happen: Make a Difference at Yours
  • Dish it Out: Let SGA Know You Support Dish Reuse on Campus
  • Planting with Purpose: Plant Ahead Tree Project
  • New AU Course on Personal Resilience & Sustainability
  • Dr. Katharine Hayhoe: Faith, Climate Change, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • News & Events


Carbon neutrality requires both conserving & cleaning our energy.

  • Solar Power & Climate Change – Closing the Emissions Gap
  • Power Down Before Break
  • Campus Changemaker: Caroline Leonard
  • Faith, Climate, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • Plant Ahead Tree Project
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • Constructing a Gold Standard on the Field & in the Future
  • News & Events



Your transportation choices impact your health, wealth, and the planet.

  • The Necessary & Inevitable Transportation Transformation
  • C0-Creating a Sustainable Economy — Our Conference Takeaways
  • Campus Changemaker: Mike Stover
  • Faith, Climate, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • Tree Planting
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • Auburn Included in Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges
  • Auburn Earns Silver Bike Friendly Campus
  • News & Events


We can’t buy our way to happiness — or a stable climate.

  • Overconsumption, Climate Change, the Doughnut, & Wellbeing
  • Purchasing for Your Health & Our Planet
  • Meet Our Staff
  • Considerations of Sustainability in Agriculture
  • Spring Course Offerings
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events


You have options for what to do with your ‘waste’ & your choices directly impact climate change.

  • Waste: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone
  • Want to Help Improve Cycling on Campus?
  • Green Game Needs Trash Talkers
  • Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Laboratory Operations
  • Recycling: It’s a Team Effort
  • Protecting the Quarterback & Our Earth
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events


Trees improve our quality of life & provide opportunities for climate action.

  • Trees, Forests, & Reversing Global Warming
  • Peers Network Ambassador Applications
  • Sustainability Picnic
  • Insta Inspirations: Donald E. Davis Arboretum
  • The Beauty & Value of Trees
  • Need Help with Your Forestry, Wildlife, or Other Natural Resource-Related Questions
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events