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The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the fall and spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  Below you can access direct links to our 2016-17 issues and can find links to archives from other academic years. If you would like to receive our digest directly in your inbox you can complete our sign-up form.

April 2017

  • Director’s Corner on Sustainable Landscapes
  • Sustainability in Action: Alex Hedgepath
  • Finding My Green Thumb
  • Sustainability in the Landscape
  • That Springtime Buzz
  • Tiger Dining Presents ‘Tigers on the Green’
  • Sustainability Courses Offered
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News

March 2017

  • Director’s Corner on The Built Environment
  • Sustainability in Action: Norbert Lechner
  • Office of Sustainability Internship Applications Being Accepted
  • Video & Blog on Sustainable Design & Experiential Learning
  • Sustainable Design & Construction on Campus
  • Role of Building Managers
  • Auburn University Chapter of USGBC
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News

February 2017

  • Director’s Corner on Choosing a Vocation
  • Sustainability in Action: Rachel Preuit
  • Auburn Partners with Next South Career Fair
  • Sign Up for No Impact Week Food Conference
  • Integrating Sustainable Practices & Career Exploration
  • Application Deadline for Faculty Sustainability Workshop
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News

January 2017

  • Director’s Corner on Reinventing Food
  • Nominations Close Soon for Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Fighting Food Waste
  • Auburn Foods: Charting a FRESH Course
  • A Healthier You the Whole Year Through
  • The Importance of Biodiversity and Organic Food Production
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner on Sustainability & Charles Dickens
  • Nominations Open for Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Plan to Power Down for the Holidays
  • Ongoing Drought Needs Us All to be Water Wise
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Faculty Sustainability Workshop Accepting Applications
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner on Climate Change
  • Sustainability in Action: Chandana Mitra
  • Nominations Open for Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Parking Services Making Strides to Combat Climate Change
  • Solar PV in the Southeast US
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Citizenship and Sustainability
  • Sustainability in Action: Stefanie Francisco
  • Cuba: The Great Sustainability Experiment
  • Let the Students Vote!
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Citizenship
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Making a Difference Where We Are
  • Sustainability in Action: Matthew Preisser
  • Storms Can’t Stop Sustainability Picnic
  • Checking into Sustainability at The Hotel at Auburn University
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Tackling Stadium & Tailgate Waste
  • Blogs, Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Welcome
  • Sustainability Picnic
  • Study Abroad Trips
  • Travel with Care
  • Research Updates
  • Events, Books, & News