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The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the fall and spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  Below you can access direct links to our 2013-14 issues and can find links to archives from other academic years. If you would like to receive our digest directly in your inbox you can complete our sign-up form.

APRIL 2014

  • Director’s Corner: Nature & the Environmental Movement
  • 2nd Annual Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Sustainability in Action: Taryn Wilson
  • Burgeoning Outdoor Program
  • Alternatives to Antibiotics
  • Events, Books,& News

MARCH 2014

  • Director’s Corner: The Economy: In Need of a Major Makeover
  • Mechanical Engineering Students Partner with Utilities & Energy Department
  • Utilities & Energy Department Receives Proof Not Promises Award
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Wellbeing is What it’s All About
  • Auburn Undergrad Driven to End World Hunger
  • Sustainability in Action: Tammy Hollis
  • What is the Marriage and Family Therapy Center
  • Auburn Outdoors Opens
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Interconnectedness & the Compass of Sustainability
  • Campus Conversation on Invasive Species
  • Spirit of Sustainability Award Nominations
  • Events & News