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The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the fall and spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  Below you can access direct links to our 2017-18 issues and can find links to archives from other academic years. If you would like to receive our digest directly in your inbox you can complete our sign-up form.

April 2018

  • Director’s Corner: Education & Action: In, About, and FOR Sustainability
  • Campus Changemaker: Prissy Goodson
  • Growing Opportunities at Dudley Rain Garden
  • Fall Sustainability Courses
  • Voting, Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement Blogs
  • Events, Books, & News

MARCH 2018

  • Director’s Corner: Plant a Garden & Help Reverse Global Warming
  • Campus Changemaker: Giovanna Summerfield
  • Intern Applications Now Being Accepted
  • Recycling Drop-Off Center Now Open
  • Waste Reduction, Recycling, & Climate
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: The Power of Community Awaits Us
  • Campus Changemaker: Ken Thomas
  • Intern Applications Now Being Accepted
  • Sustainability Speaker Series Launches with Mark “Puck” Mykleby, USMC (Ret.)
  • Multiple Guests Posts on the Role & Importance of Community
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: The Future Rides on Our Willingness to Think Differently
  • Campus Changemaker: Maiben Beard
  • Shooting for Gold STARS
  • Systems Thinking: Discerning Connections Out of View
  • Busy Beyond Belief?
  • Nominations Open for Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: The Winter Solstice
  • A Peek Inside Gameday Recycling
  • Plan to Power Down Pre-Break
  • Who Cares about Personal Care Products?
  • Nominations Now Open for Spirit of Sustainability Awards
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Project Drawdown
  • Sustainability in Action: Imran Rahman
  • Auburn Green Event Guide
  • AASHE 2017: An Event Worth Sharing
  • Tailgating with a Purpose
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Water
  • Sustainability in Action: Mona Dominguez
  • The Chattahoochee
  • What Can You Use Water For?
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: The Bicycle
  • Sustainability in Action: Jeff LaMondia
  • New Transportation Services
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Adopt-A-Spot
  • Events, Books, & News


  • Director’s Corner: Food: Enjoying the Real, Avoiding the Fake
  • Sustainability Picnic
  • Sustainability in Action: Jonathan Lillebo
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Events, Books, & Summer News