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Engineering College Offers Guest Lectures on Sustainability-Related Topics

By January 10, 2018No Comments

Post contributed by Dr. Nanette Chadwick, Director of Academic Sustainability Programs

For faculty who are preparing your spring classes, please note that there are engineering faculty members who are willing to give guest lectures on sustainability-related topics.  Also for students, if you are interested in hearing lectures about any of these topics, feel free to contact the appropriate professors in your classes, and suggest the idea to them. You can find a list of the offered topics on the College of Engineering website.

If you have any questions (or if you are faculty and would like to contribute a topic to the list), please contact:

Jeffrey W. Fergus, PhD, PE

Associate Dean for Program Assessment and Graduate Studies

Professor of Materials Engineering

Auburn University

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

1301 Shelby Center

Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-3405



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