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All-Gender Restroom Map Created by Sustainability Capstone Class

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By Grace Reilein.

Spring semester 2021, students in the Sustainability Capstone class worked on providing the locations of the all-gender restrooms on Auburn’s campus. The restrooms listed on the map include both handicap-accessible and non-accessible restrooms and provide the precise location of each restroom.  

Providing this all-gender restroom database is important because they foster inclusivity and allow all students and faculty on campus to feel comfortable. Providing these placemarks will further Auburn’s ability to promote diversity and inclusion. It is important to note that not all the all-gender restrooms on campus are accessible; and not all the accessible restrooms are all-gender.  

In order to use this resource, visit the Map of Auburn University and do the following:

CLICK on the ‘placemarks’ icon.

Click the map placemark icon




Scroll down under Sustainability Placemarks and select All-Gender Restrooms

SCROLL to the list of Sustainability Placemarks where an “All-Gender Restrooms” option is available. (This list is different from the Accessibility Placemark titled “Restrooms-Unisex”, which identifies accessible restrooms that are all-gender.) 

HOVER over the building to see the exact location of each restroom within the building. The restrooms listed under Sustainability Placemarks create a comprehensive list of all-gender restrooms on campus.  

The map showing all-gender restrooms on campus. Hovering over these icons shows more details about their location.





Post first contributed October 1st 2021 by Grace Reilein, Program Coordinator, Office of Sustainability


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