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Sustainability Course Offerings Spring 2019

By October 31, 2018August 21st, 2020No Comments

Post contributed by Dr. Nanette Chadwick, Academic Sustainability Programs, Director

More than 20 courses are being offered toward the Minor in Sustainability Studies during Spring Semester 2019, spread across 8 colleges on campus. Most of them can also be used as free electives, or even toward students’ majors. Academic Sustainability Programs has posted online a guide to sustainability electives that details the time each course is offered, who is teaching it, and which of the 3 major areas in sustainability are covered: Society & Markets (Economic Systems), Environment (Natural Systems), and/or Social Justice (Social Systems).

Also included in the pdf file is the pattern of course offerings over the past 3 years, to show which semesters each course typically tends to be offered. This information assists students in planning their long-range course schedules and when to count on take particular sustainability-related courses prior to graduation.

Of particular interest is SUST 2000 Introduction to Sustainability Studies, which can be used as an option toward the Social Science Core. SUST 2000 enrolled >140 students this fall; early registration is advised for spring, as this course fills quickly.

Faculty: If you are interested in joining the interdisciplinary team of instructors who co-teach SUST 2000 next year (as a paid course overload, or a buyout of your in-load teaching), let us know.  And if would like to have your course approved as a minor elective, please submit the application for course elective form on our website.

Students: if you find other courses on campus that are related to sustainability and which you would like to inform us about, please let us know. Also, if you would like to use other courses as electives toward the minor, we may be able to approve them as minor elective substitutes for you.

Special note: If you are completing the minor and plan to take SUST 5000 in the spring, you will need to contact us for permission to enroll in that course. Best to do that sooner than later, as we can enroll you before your official registration date.

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