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In these unique times, staying safe means observing a number of safety and social distancing protocols. Times like these highlight our individual needs for connectivity and support. Maybe the support we need is a few non-perishable food items, a recipe for dining on a budget, a break away from today’s stresses through a documentary screening, or even a conversation with a new, friendly face. Whatever the need may be, this series will highlight multiple groups on campus who provide a variety of resources to students. Whether you are a new or returning Auburn student, this spot on the Office of Sustainability’s blogpost will introduce you to many incredible programs over the course of the semester. Initially, we will start with a program that describes both prior and current initiatives to address food insecurity awareness nationally.

The Universities Fighting World Hunger – Flagship Chapter (UFWH) is a student-led organization that arose from Auburn’s initial War on Hunger, originally established in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme in 2004. UFWH is committed to connecting both individuals and departments on Auburn’s campus in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The program takes an aerial view at the impact each segment of life can have in tackling both domestic and international concerns surrounding malnutrition and hunger.

Colorful logo of a fork, plate, and knife with the words "Universities Fighting World Hunger Auburn"
The Universities Fighting World Hunger logo.

Through a multidisciplinary stance, UFWH aims to incorporate all major departments and organizations on campus to work toward recognition of and action to prevent hunger. In doing so, the organization facilitates multiple fundraising and community service projects tailored to share valuable information that inspires each of us towards action. UFWH plays a vital role in broadcasting information about the need for food security-related initiatives on a college campus and encourages other students/faculty/staff to get involved. If you are looking to get involved with UFWH, head over to their AUInvolve page for more information!

Looking at the Universities Fighting World Hunger alone, we can already commend the efforts made annually to fight hunger. And this is just one program at Auburn that focuses on the health and wellbeing of the Auburn family as well as persons in the surrounding community. Highlighting these incredible organizations for their essential work is one thing, but this series will continue to share the pivotal work each group is doing on campus.

In Fall 2021, Auburn’s central campus will introduce Home on the Plains, where you can come and see each group in action! In collaboration with Tiger Dining, we are working to develop a space in Lupton Hall, where students, faculty, and staff can learn more about each group mentioned throughout this blog series. Whether a group will be running day to day operations distributing food to the community, aiding in the spread of information relating to food insecurity, providing cooking demonstrations for dorm-centered eating, or even communicating about an individual’s overall health and wellness, this is the space where you can find the resources you need. Make sure to stay tuned to learn more about programs that work to improve Auburn’s campus environment, as well as updates about Home on the Plains!


Post contributed by Alayna Priebe, Project Coordinator with Tiger Dining, V.P. of Communications with The Campus Kitchen at Auburn University.


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