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Get Planning With The Green Event Guide

By January 4, 2018August 4th, 2020No Comments

Post contributed by Hallie Nelson, Office of Sustainability InternPhoto of the cover of "The Green Event Guide"

Event planning is a huge task, not to mention trying to make the event sustainable. With all the considerations for timing, location, communication strategies, waste management, and more, it gets overwhelming. That’s why we created the Green Event Guide. The guide goes through the planning process step-by-step, from before, to during, and after an event with suggestions to make your event a bit greener. We hope that this makes it easy for you to host events that minimize negative impacts and maximize positive benefits. The guide includes ways to reduce waste, serve sustainable food choices, and communicate effectively without printing! There are tips for planning any event, including meetings, conferences, parties, and tailgates.

You can find the full guide, which includes explanations and resources, online. We also have an interactive PDF checklist that accompanies the guide, so you can track your planning process. Doing things a little differently can make a big difference. We hope this guide helps make event planning easier and makes your events greener!

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