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Director’s Corner: We Love the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)!

By January 8, 2016May 8th, 20183 Comments

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  • Bob R says:

    Timely message Mike. And the video is very informative. I regret I knew so little about the MDGs.

  • Bo James says:

    I have seen TV ads highlighting the U of Alabama’s commitment to develop and implement solar power technologies on their campus. Auburn University should make the same commitment and advertise it. Not just to keep up with UA but because it is a proven strategy in pursuing sustainability on a college campus.

    • Mike Kensler says:

      We have been investigating solar and wind power options for about nine months, both for on-campus generation and off-campus generation. The renewable energy market changes constantly and is continually innovating. We are working to determine our best options and next steps. Renewable energy is a high priority.

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