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Director’s Corner: Global Warming/Climate Change/Anthropogenic Climate Disruption: What Can We Do that Makes a Difference?

By October 31, 2016November 26th, 20182 Comments

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  • Dwain Reed 78 says:

    Please talk to Alabama’s State Climatologist, Dr. John Christy before you talk about global warming. Data from researches in global warming manipulate their data to keep the funding coming in. NPR recently did a story on measuring temperatures on the ocean’s surface. This comes from National Public Radio! Bouys all over the world record temps at the ocean’s surface. Freighters also record temps. There is a difference in these temps. Freighter’s temp are slightly warmer than temps recorded by bouys at the ocean’s surface. Bouy temps were used now freighter temps are used. Whamo! Temps have warmed. This looks better for the global warmers.

    • Mike Kensler says:

      Dwain,we appreciate you reading our monthly digest. The science of climate change and its causes is well established. There is no legitimate debate about the causes of climate change – humans burning fossil fuels and overwhelming the Earth’s ability to absorb excess greenhouse gasses – any more than there was a legitimate debate about the science of the relationship between smoking and cancer, even tho the pseudo-debate went on for 40 years. If you want to read what’s behind the denial movement I suggest the book Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway.

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