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Collaborative Capitalism: Investing in the Future of Your Community

By April 12, 2019February 3rd, 2022No Comments

Contributed by Brittany Branyon, Program Coordinator, Cary Center Nonprofit Affiliate Program

Have you ever heard of collaborative capitalism? Perhaps you’ve heard of social impact investing? Even if you don’t know it by name, surely the concept is familiar.

Social impact investing regards investments made into an organization intended to generate a measurable social or environmental impact in addition to financial return.

Ah yes, there’s the lightbulb!

Social impact investing has gained even more traction recently as millennials have entered the workforce and begun to find ways to contribute to causes they are passionate about. Many have found that they can make an impact while earning a return.

Maybe you’ve read about microloans, specifically in regard to female business owners or farmers in third world countries. This is a form of social impact investing on a smaller scale (hence, micro). Given the success we’ve seen with these programs, one can see how this concept can be productive in our community.

Social impact investing is an efficient way to fund causes and organizations at the grassroots level and beyond, allowing potential donors to contribute more and nonprofits to further their reach.

womens philanthropy board spring symposium posterOn Monday, April 8th, the Women’s Philanthropy Board is hosting their annual Spring Symposium at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center where Teri Lovelace of LOCUS Impact Investing, an expert in this subject, will be speaking in Symposium Session II at 11:00 am.

Ms. Lovelace has over 27 years in the philanthropic, mission investing and the nonprofit sector and  is Chief Impact Officer & Senior Vice President for Virginia Community Capital (VCC) and President of VCC’s new social enterprise – LOCUS Impact Investing.

In addition to the session, Ms. Lovelace will join Greg Doepke of Aspire to give in the afternoon for a forum discussion. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and offer input.

The forum, titled “How Social Impact Investing Can Build Prosperous and Vibrant Communities” is an event you certainly don’t want to miss. It begins at 2:00 pm on Monday at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, and like the morning session, is a free event.

For more information about the Cary Center and Women’s Philanthropy Board, visit the Cary Center’s website.

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