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Campus Changemaker: Blake Butcher

By December 6, 2023January 10th, 2024No Comments

By Bella Wright

“Find where there’s a need, and go meet that need” ~ EL Spencer 

Blake Butcher HeadshotThis philosophy is what led Blake Butcher to where he is today: Auburn University. Blake began his work in the Auburn community as a personal trainer. Over the span of fifteen years, Blake and his wife helped build a community focused on wellness. For the past seven years, Blake has been working with Auburn University, establishing the Personal Training Program within the Recreation and Wellness Center. He also serves the student population as an instructor in the School of Kinesiology, where he focuses on connecting with students and meeting their needs. Blake has recently shifted gears to the Coordinator of Employee Wellness position. Now, his goal is to give back to the employees and identify gaps in their wellness journey.

Blake’s vision includes a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness that will  meet employees where they are and provide expanded services. Wellness is a multidimensional health approach including intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and financial areas. It is an active process through which people become aware of patterns and routines and then learn healthy habits to be practiced daily. Blake’s dream would be a space dedicated to employee wellness here at Auburn University. Providing employees with a comfortable space to have all their wellness needs met would make a significant difference in the quality of care for employees at Auburn. A student body’s quality of education and experience is only as good as the institution’s faculty and staff. To provide better opportunities to students, we cannot forget the key piece in the puzzle: employees.

While Auburn offers valuable resources, employees need more assistance in addressing their well-being from a multidimensional standpoint. Employees can get involved in advocating for their wellness by talking to Blake  about what they need and desire in the workplace. Any employee who is interested in sharing  their thoughts or scheduling Blake Butcher to speak with their department can contact him via email at

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