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Professional DevelopmentSDG7SDG9Sustainability in Action

Sustainable, Functional Nanocomposites for Energy Applications

Functional nanocomposites are composed with different combinations from a large selection of nanomaterials, such as nanocarbons, metal oxides/chalcogenides, carbides, phosphides, polymers, etc., which possess superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, leading to broad applications in smart structures, chemical sensors, energy storage and nano-electronic devices. However, the high cost and difficulty…
January 12, 2024

Undergraduate Gulf Scholars Program Seeks Student Applications

By Becki Retzlaff  Auburn Gulf Scholars Program, a partnership between Auburn and the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, is accepting applications from undergraduates from the social sciences, natural sciences, human sciences, arts, humanities, business, design, and engineering to become Gulf Scholars. Students must be passionate about working in…
November 29, 2023
Guest PostsSDG10SDG11SDG3

Parks for People

By Binita Mahato A stroll through Town Creek Park, Auburn AL in Spring 2023 (credit: author) I vividly remember my parents visiting from India last spring. Every weekend, we would stroll in one of the parks in Auburn. For me, this was an everyday activity. For my parents, however, it…
September 15, 2023