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Be the Dot. Be the Difference.

By April 29, 2016July 31st, 2020No Comments

Post contributed by Kyle Kimel, Office of Sustainability Intern

We.Auburn looks to create a campus culture where all forms of violence are not tolerated.

We.Auburn looks to create a campus culture where all forms of violence are not tolerated.

Green Dot is the technique and action of stepping into a hostile situation and diffusing it in the most positive way possible. It can be to assist someone who is already in a power-based violent situation, or preventing it from ever happening in the first place.

After attending the Green Dot program seminar, I’m more aware of the need to take action to reduce violence around campus and in my community, not only when it directly affects someone I know, but even when I am just a bystander. In the community, I believe a bystander to be someone who witnesses a hostile situation, or what could lead to one, and has the responsibility to do what they can in a realistic manner to cool the situation and protect the person from future harm.

The Green Dot program suggests directing, delegating, and distracting as a choices of actions for addressing a possible power-based violent situation. But it’s not just about doing the big things when it’s necessary, it’s also doing the small things all the time to communicate two new norms to the people in our spheres of influence. The first of which is that violence is NOT ok and will NOT be tolerated, and the second being everyone needs to do his or her part to help.

Let’s start applying Green Dot techniques to our daily lives, so that the next time you see or hear someone in need of help, you are equipped with the tools and courage to ensure their safety and security.

For more information on the We.Auburn program, including how to register for a class, contact Health Promotion and Wellness Services.

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