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Auburn University Launches New Sustainability Map

By August 29, 2016July 31st, 2020No Comments

Post contributed by Matthew Preisser, Office of Sustainability Intern

Over the course of the past year, interns at the Office of Sustainability, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology, worked to create a new interactive feature for the Auburn Map.  This addition to the map will allow viewers to see where on campus Auburn demonstrates and supports sustainability.

If you click on the Placemarks tab, you can select markers for Bus Stops, Computer Labs, Food, Parking and other essential items visitors, students, and faculty often look for. Now under this same section, you can look at Sustainability Placemarks on campus.  This new feature provides a great way for everyone to be able to see both where on campus action is being taken and where resources exist to support further endeavors.

Screen capture of Auburn campus map with sustainability placemarks.

A glimpse at the all of the sustainability features and people around Auburn’s campus.

Sustainability encompasses nature, individual wellbeing, society, and economy and this new map shows features of all of these. You can view Sustainability Placemarks for:

  • Wellness
  • Food Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Water People
  • Greenspace
  • Waste

The Office of Sustainability wants anyone on campus to understand they are surrounded by sustainable ideas and practices, with the hope this will influence them to incorporate sustainable practices into their own work and studies.

In the future the Office of Sustainability will continue to add more placemarks to the map as sustainability practices and resources on campus evolve, so be sure check back to see how Auburn University continues to grow.


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