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Another Look Into Campus Kitchens: Partnerships Within the Community

By September 29, 2020November 15th, 2021No Comments

In another entry of the exploration for community partners that the Campus Kitchen at Auburn University work with, we focus on a long-term partner of the organization. Easehouse is an independent living facility in the surrounding Auburn area that creates a catered living experience for primarily low income individuals at or over the age of 62. This space creates a “home away from home” for its residents. Not only is this a fantastic organization working to make sure this population’s daily needs are met, but it fosters a space for community and engagement, without the concern of pricing, as rent is based on one’s income assets.

In a statement from a representative of Easehouse, “Campus Kitchens has impacted our community tremendously. Because some of our residents may have limited resources, they rely on Campus Kitchens to meet their food insecurity needs once per week. CK provided residents with a great opportunity to consume a nutritious meal without having to pull from their own personal finances. Although everything has slowed down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been a blessing partnering with Campus Kitchens and the residents and staff of Easehouse look forward to collaborating with Campus Kitchens in the future.”

Partnerships with organizations like Easehouse allow for peace of mind for individuals served, where they will not have to stress as much about daily functions through Easehouse’s program as well as friendships through community, along with lesser concerns about where food is coming from. The Campus Kitchen has been able to partner with Easehouse in previous years to provide meals to individuals in the independent living facility while also creating connections through a shared meal experience. These cross-generational connections build a stronger community and social institution as we are able to connect with one another, learn more about personal history as we progress forward, and show compassion for all. Though the Campus Kitchen is not currently working with Easehouse due to COVID-19, we are excited to be able to work with this organization and build relationships in the future!


Post contributed by Alayna Priebe, Vice President of Communications, The Campus Kitchen at Auburn University


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