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The Pursuit of Equity: Understanding How to Reduce Inequality

To lack equality, to experience or have injustice or partiality; these are the descriptions that populate when you google the definition of inequality. The year is 2020, and society has not progressed in the same facet or to the same magnitude as technology or athleticism. This should draw a red…
November 16, 2020
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Establishing Leave Accrual Equity for AU Non-Exempt Employees

Auburn University has some great benefits for exempt (A&P) and non-exempt (Staff) employees, but have you ever wondered how those came to be? University Staff Council plays a crucial role in advocating for new and equitable benefits for non-exempt employees. Some of the benefits we know and love, like the…
November 12, 2020
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Leading Like a King

Post contributed by Dawn Morgan, Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs, Office of Student Involvement, Auburn University Student Affairs With a new year comes a new opportunity to reflect on our impact on the world. For many, it’s a time to set a resolution to change a personal attribute. A recent trend…
January 8, 2019