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Eastern Grip

By Savanna Wooten*  “I can’t. I’ll be in California.”  For the better part of twenty years, this was my braggadocious excuse for missing holiday parties and summer birthdays. My way of letting others know I was trading humidity for heat, relief for “real” mountains, NASCAR for culture, y’all for you…
April 4, 2024
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Student Sustainability Essay Award

Photo courtesy of Becki Retzlaff The Academic Sustainability Program and the Writing Center are sponsoring a sustainability essay award. The award recognizes an essay that reflects on the holistic nature of sustainability and analyzes the relationship between self and the physical environment. Winners will receive an award, a gift card…
January 24, 2023

University Writing Workshop

This workshop offers strategies to help participants read and write literature reviews. During the session, participants will learn how an understanding of narrative structure and effective use of transitional words and phrases can help map out ideas and write literature reviews that are clear, accurate and engaging. Participants will have…
October 16, 2020