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The Office of Global Education

Group ~ Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

The Office of Global Education in the College of Human Sciences leads the Global Studies Major, the Master of Development Practice (MDP), and all study abroad programming for the college.  The Office is committed to educating and empowering students to enter a global society with the skills needed to address the complex issues facing individuals, families, and communities. With an emphasis on cultural intelligence, justice, and sustainability, the Office of Global Education has cultivated programs that prioritize and implement the four points of the sustainability compass, Nature, Economy, Society, and Wellbeing. 

The Global Studies major educates students on global issues, the realities of globalization, and how local and global issues are interconnected. Through problem-based and experiential learning, students get hands-on experience with global issues ranging from hunger and health to environmental sustainability to international markets and social policy. The MDP takes this learning to the next level by training students to work effectively on diverse teams to develop sustainable solutions to major world issues.  

The Office has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainability through its study abroad programs to locations such as Nepal, Jordan, Fiji, and Italy. These programs engage students in learning and connecting with communities and experts overseas who work to develop innovative solutions to pressing issues. For example, the Fiji study abroad has created a long-term relationship between Auburn University and a small village in Fiji. The Mali tribe hosts students while teaching them about their culture and issues like climate change that have affected their daily lives. Students get practical experience working on projects prioritized by the Fijian community and learn how sustainability requires a long-term commitment to collaboration and community. 

Image of representatives of the Office of Global Education holding their award

Left to Right: Kate Thornton, Sara Gonzalez, Penelope Davis