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Photo of Award recipient Michael Hein receives his award from Mike Kensler, <a href=

Award recipient Michael Hein receives his award from Mike Kensler, Director of the Office of Sustainability at Auburn University.

Michael Hein — Faculty

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Michael Hein (PhD) embodies the spirit of sustainability through his unflagging enthusiasm and collaborative leadership for creating built systems that protect and preserve the integrity of the water and soil. In his work with an ever-widening circle of industry practitioners, governmental stakeholders, and Auburn students, staff, and faculty, Michael continues to catalyze the design, installation, and analysis of numerous projects leading to lasting improvements in the understanding and practice of pervious concrete applications. By accelerating the awareness, appreciation, and utilization of sustainable design practices, Michael’s leading the transformation to a built environment capable of improving the life-enriching resources we all rely upon.

The tangible illustrations of Michael’s dedication can be seen in both the numerous projects he has coordinated, and the hundreds of students and colleagues he has inspired. Utilizing a service-learning framework for his classes, Michael has been able to enrich the education of Auburn students and staff by having them work alongside industry professionals to install pervious concrete applications throughout the Southeast. Examples of his work can be seen on the walking trails at the AU Davis Arboretum, the Southeast Raptor Rehabilitation Center, and Lions Park in Greensboro, Alabama; in the playground facilities for the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve and the AU Early Learning Center; as well as, in the parking lots for Auburn’s Duck Samford Park and AU Fisheries Facility. Through these and other projects, Michael has been able to facilitate research, training, and certification for students, staff, and professionals.

Michael, however, doesn’t limit his influence strictly to coordination. He extends the impact of these projects into both the scholarly and public realms. His work and insight have led to an extensive list of grants, publications, and presentations centered on exploring and expanding pervious concrete research, education, and applications. In addition, he serves as an unparalleled ambassador for the practice by graciously conducting outreach and guided tours for policy makers, community members, and students. Michael’s visionary work, be it his teaching, his research, or his practice, continues to expand opportunities, test knowledge, and improve both landscapes and community.

Michael Hein currently serves as the William A. Hunt Professor with the McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn University. He is a member of the American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, and a founding member of the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association.