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Photo of Award recipient Lindy Biggs (third from left) is picture here with Dr. Don Large - Executive VP and CFO of Auburn University

Lindy Biggs (2nd from right) had her award presented by Don Large, Mike Kensler, and June Henton.

Lindy Biggs – Faculty Emerita

Recipient of Special Recognition

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

The Office of Sustainability presented Lindy Biggs a special recognition award for her role in establishing and developing a comprehensive sustainability initiative at Auburn University.

Lindy Biggs, as an Associate Professor of History in the College of Liberal Arts, was a participant in some of the earliest conversations about developing a university-wide commitment to sustainability at Auburn University more than ten years ago. As momentum grew, Lindy was the person who took the initiative to act on the ideas that were being generated in those early conversations.

Without official institutional support, Lindy began putting together the pieces that have become Auburn’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability, which was recently recognized through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) as having achieve a Silver level of sustainability performance in the areas of Education & Research, Operations, and Planning, Administration & Engagement.

Because of Lindy’s passion, initiative, courage, creativity, vision, and persistence, her pioneering efforts resulted in the university officially recognizing, creating, and supporting an Office of Sustainability with Lindy as the founding Director; the creation of a sustainability minor; a Fall Line workshop that is held annually to train faculty to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum; and eventually an office of Academic Sustainability Programs, with a Director who oversees the sustainability minor, sustainability-related curriculum development, faculty training, and interdisciplinary research.

Lindy is recognized nationally as a consultant, and has make numerous presentations and conducted workshops for colleagues at other institutions of higher learning who are working to develop and expand their sustainability programs.

The Office of Sustainability gratefully acknowledges Lindy’s central role in creating a sustainability initiative at Auburn. Her efforts have blossomed across the Auburn University campus to the point where sustainability has become a core value and commitment of the University.