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Kaitlin Robb — Student

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Photo of Kaitlin Robb

Kaitlin Robb with her award following the ceremony.

Kaitlin is a senior majoring in marketing, with minors in sustainability and communications. She consistently and passionately advocates for sustainability in all facets of her life – whether at home with family, in class with her peers, in offices with faculty and staff, in student organizations, and with friends. Not only does she possess a deep understanding of the principles and practices of sustainability, but when combined with knowledge gained from her marketing major and communications minor, her ability to positively influence others to engage in sustainability becomes a true force for change.

Kaitlin’s drive and determination to bring about a better world is unparalleled. Within the classroom, Kaitlin looks for opportunities to integrate sustainability into her research and projects, and often challenges the common paradigms within her field. Her ability to engage others in an honest assessment of mental models and to articulate key aspects of sustainability is done so tactfully, she’s even helped to shift how courses within the College of Business have been presented, pushed to get courses added to the sustainability minor, and has sparked a new line of research for at least one of her professors.

Kaitlin doesn’t leave her passion at the classroom door, as she looks for every opportunity to apply both her commitment to sustainability and the knowledge garnered in her classes for a greater good. For example, last semester Kaitlin led a team of her peers in the development of a marketing plan for Tiger Dining’s new Auburn Foods brand. In this role, Kaitlin oversaw the development of the marketing research into students’ perceptions of local foods, and crafted a fully-developed marketing planned aligned with research findings and current best practices in the field. Never one to rest on her successes, Kaitlin continues to consult with the Auburn Foods team to answer questions and lend a hand to help ensure the brand launch is a success for Tiger Dining. She also puts her marketing and communications skills to work as a student ambassador with the Be Well Hut, where she developed an educational outreach campaign on the nutritional, economic, and environmental benefits of eating local.

In addition to these activities, Kaitlin has also been involved with the Improv Troupe on campus, where as president she spearheaded the collection of food for the Beat Bama Food Drive during their annual Fall Benefit Shows. And as part of the student chapter of the American Marketing Association, she’s spurred the group’s participation in the campus Adopt-A-Spot program, used her videography skills to create a video of the great work taking place at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology & Nature Preserve, and led the group’s support of Relay for Life.

Kaitlin also volunteers her time to the Office of Sustainability, where her insights and expertise have been instrumental to the daily operations of the office and the development of future programming. During her time as an intern, Kaitlin has provided critical support for office communications, taking an active role in blog writing, graphic design, marketing campaigns, photography for web and print, and video creation. She has also served as emcee for the annual Sustainability Picnic and as a member of the behavior change campaign team. As an office representative, she also organized and led an impromptu conference session on sustainability marketing at the annual Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Clearly Kaitlin brings sustainability into her various roles on campus, but she also continually works towards expanding her own skills and talents so she can have an even larger impact. If her future life beyond Auburn remotely emulates her time here, she will most certainly bring an energy, optimism, and creativity to her endeavors to make the world a better place for us all.