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Photo ofThe award recipient representatives for the Healthy Tigers program pictured left to right are Dr. Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd,Tammy Hollis, and Karla McCormick.

The award recipient representatives for the Healthy Tigers program pictured left to right are Dr. Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd, Tammy Hollis, and Karla McCormick.

Healthy Tigers — Group

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

As a cooperative program between Auburn University Payroll and Employee Benefits and the Harrison College of Pharmacy, the Healthy Tigers program promotes and invigorates a healthy lifestyle for Auburn employees while also conserving valuable campus resources. As Healthy Tigers has matured from an employee biometric screening program, into a full-fledged wellness resources program for employees, it has helped to transform lives by bringing individual wellness to the forefront of people’s mindsets, attitudes, and habits. These transformations have helped to control healthcare expenditures both for the individual employees, as well as the university as a whole. Through tireless outreach and active engagement concerning individual wellness, Healthy Tigers continues to improve the lives of employees across the university.

Under the leadership of Tammy Hollis, the Healthy Tigers program has grown from a concept into a robust and popular employee wellness program that impacts approximately 70% of the employee population. By providing basic biometric information to participants, individuals can identify potential health risks early on and discuss concerns and interventions with their physician. In instances where employees haven’t established regular care with a doctor, Healthy Tigers has been an impetus to establish long-term relationships with regular physicians for a number of employees. Starting these conversations, tracking this data, and establishing these relationships will translate into a healthier, more productive group, which will also save the university funds through lower healthcare premiums and higher productivity rates.

In addition to providing critical healthcare data to employees, the program also helps connect participants to excellent health and wellness resources on campus. By serving as a one-stop resource for the many on-campus health and wellness programs and opportunities, the Healthy Tigers website and staff serve an invaluable function for the thousands of employees enrolled in the program, as well as for the campus programs themselves, by increasing awareness and engagement with these resources. In addition to aiding campus efforts, the program also connects employees to the latest information and research on a variety of health and wellness topics, and serves as entry point to the myriad of activities and events in the community that incorporate wellness components. Furthermore, Healthy Tigers provides a hands-on learning opportunity for students of the Harrison College of Pharmacy to practice consultation skills in a real-world setting. Together the results of the Healthy Tigers program embody the spirit of sustainability through engaging us, both individually and collectively, around what it means and how it looks to live a well and balanced life.