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Glenn Loughridge — Staff

Tiger Dining, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 

Photo of Mr. Glenn Loughridge with his Spirit of Sustainability Award.

Mr. Glenn Loughridge with his Spirit of Sustainability Award.

As Director of Campus Dining, Glenn Loughridge is a man on a mission. He is constantly seeking ways to creatively deliver local, fresh food to the campus community. He is known for his positive, can-do approach and for his delight in collaborating with faculty, students, staff, and food service providers to generate and act on an ever evolving set of possibilities. Glenn constantly takes the initiative to start new conversations and implement new projects that further the goal of providing the most sustainable, nutritious, and enjoyable dining experiences possible.

Glenn works with on-campus and local off-campus providers to locally source more food and offer more free range meats and eggs. He is partnering with innovative local growers to provide organically grown fresh produce, sourcing fish from Auburn’s Fisheries unit, and pursuing new opportunities with the College of Agriculture.

He has catalyzed the development of two new food venues, the Wellness Kitchen and Plains2Plate, emphasizing local, healthy, diet-sensitive options. He offers meaningful co-curricular experiences for students, empowering them to act on their ideas. Glenn supports food-related student groups like the Auburn Real Food Challenge, the Committee of 19, and Campus Kitchens. He has partnered with Tiger Dining to reduce food waste, ban the use of polystyrene in campus dining venues, enhance composting, provide biodegradable flatware as the standard option for catering orders, and promote healthy eating and sustainability on the Tiger Dining website.

Through Glenn’s leadership, his office supports wellbeing initiatives like the Be Well Hut, the Healthy Tigers Initiative, and the Campus Nutrition Team. And his office supports sustainability awareness initiatives like the Sustainability Picnic and the Green Game.

Progress toward sustainability requires creativity, collaboration, openness, and a willingness to take action and try new things. Glenn does all these things with great delight and combined with his personal warmth and graciousness, explains why he has accomplished so much in less than three years at Auburn.

Glenn Loughridge has served as Auburn University’s Director of Campus Dining since 2012.