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Eve Brantley — Faculty

Auburn University, Auburn, AL 

Photo of Dr. Eve Brantley with her Spirit of Sustainability Award.

Dr. Eve Brantley with her Spirit of Sustainability Award.

Dr. Eve Brantley combines passion and commitment for responsible environmental stewardship with joyful energy and a deep faith in people. As a result, Eve is exceptionally effective at engaging and empowering all kinds of people to make a real difference on behalf of human communities and the natural world.

Eve’s passion is watersheds and water quality, where she applies the ethics, principles, and practices of sustainability to responsible stewardship and use of the natural world. She uses nature as a model for managing and treating stormwater, restores streams based on understanding of natural stream structure and function, teaches innovative approaches to development that reduce or eliminate negative impacts, and informs watershed management planning with meaningful public participation.

As an Associate Professor and mentor, she has meaningfully impacted the lives of numerous students, interns, and colleagues. As a Water Resources Specialist Eve is constantly in front of a wide range of eager learners who readily embrace her energizing and engaging approach. On any given day Eve could be teaching biodiversity to elementary school children or speaking to an auditorium full of stakeholders and professionals about innovative approaches to watershed restoration. She has conducted over 100 workshops with Cooperative Extension agents, developers and contractors, elected officials and agency personnel at the local, state and federal level, a total of more than 3000 professionals and other stakeholders.

Eve’s educational initiatives are often project-based, so participants learn experientially through hands-on restoration projects. She has managed and collaborated on numerous, state-of-the-art stream restoration projects throughout the Southeast that serve as learning laboratories for professionals, community members, students, and other stakeholders.

Eve has been awarded 37 grants worth nearly $4 million, resulting in the restoration of nearly 8000 linear feet of what were thought to be hopelessly degraded streams, and the completion of 20 storm water improvement projects. She is involved with many conservation and education organizations including the Alabama Erosion and Sediment Control Partnership Steering Committee, the Clean Water Alabama Seminar and Field Day program, and the Urban Conservation Committee of Alabama Association of Conservation Districts.

Through her academic and extension activities, Eve has touched many lives and instilled practical knowledge that enables others to think and act more sustainably.

Eve Brantley is an Associate Professor and Water Resources Specialist in Auburn University’s College of Agriculture.