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Photo ofAward recipient Christopher McNulty receives his award from Mike Kensler

Christopher McNulty receives his award from Mike Kensler.

Christopher McNulty — Faculty

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Christopher McNulty (MFA) enacts sustainability through the creation and curation of art that challenges us to explore the connections between ourselves, the natural world, and our creative potential. Through his creative works, bold voice, and commitment to collaboration, Christopher engages others in dialogue, appreciation, and practice of art that plays a critical role in helping to create our sense of community and the possibilities of tomorrow. By expanding access to experience and create such art, Christopher’s work helps frame the conversations that define our sense of the challenges and possibilities of tomorrow.

You can see evidence of Christopher’s dedication to raising awareness about sustainability through his instruction of both students and colleagues. For years, he has been integrating responsible practices within the field of art; providing hands-on instruction for his students in methods that reduce negative impacts on the environment. In addition, he has served as an instructor for sustainability courses in the Honors College, and as a guest lecturer in the Academic Sustainability Programs Faculty Fall Line Workshop. Christopher has also conducted research in the emerging field of ecological art, sharing his scholarship through papers and presentations.

Beyond the academic aspects of art, Christopher has continually leveraged opportunities to increase engagement in the arts as a means to promote sustainability. In his own works, Christopher has explored aspects of our relationship to the natural world. In addition, he has been influential in assembling student exhibitions with a lens toward sustainability, and in bringing artists and their sustainability-themed works to our region, as evidence in his role in founding and organizing the Art in Agriculture Series from 2009-2011. Furthermore, Christopher served as an early voice for sustainability activities on campus, including co-sponsoring the initiative to support the Campus Climate Commitment within the University Faculty Senate. Since then, he has remained a consistent supporter of sustainability efforts on campus by volunteering his time and talents to numerous projects and committees.

Christopher McNulty is a Professor within the Department of Art in Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts. He is a visual artist who engages in task-based projects to create sculptural objects, video, and works on paper, and has received many grants and awards to expand the instruction and appreciation of the arts.