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Chandana Mitra

Faculty ~ Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Chandana Mitra is an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences in the Geography program in COSAM.  All her work as a physical geographer and climatologist is framed through the lens of sustainability.

Understanding the excessive heat generated in urban settings and the consequences for evaporation and precipitation is crucial if urban areas are to adapt and mitigate the impacts of a warming climate. And that’s what Chandana does: She researches urban sustainability, impacts of urban growth and land use changes on local climate, and evaluates adaptation and mitigation techniques in warming cities.

Chandana teaches classes that are electives in the Minor in Sustainability Studies: Urban Geography and Sustainability being one, and Climatology being another.  She’s directed numerous studies with undergraduate and graduate students on climate change, sustainability, and urban climatology. And in the process, she fosters a strong research culture in students through teaching and mentorship. Currently, Chandana is working with a graduate student to create urban maps to help localities make informed decisions in creating more resilient, sustainable cities.

Chandana is particularly passionate about climate change communication to the general population.

She is a member of Climate Voices – Science Speakers Network, a new climate communications initiative.  She has organized multiple outreach events for school children focused on sustainability science topics.  Chandana has frequently been featured in mass media as an expert on climate science and sustainability and is always generous with her time, explaining things in an easily understandable way.

Photo of Chandana Mitra with her Spirit of Sustainability Award.