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Avery Agostinelli

Student ~ Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Avery is a December 2022 graduate of the Master of Community Planning (MCP) program at Auburn University. She also obtained a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), has completed a Graduate Certificate in Economic Development, and holds a B.A. in Art History from Auburn.  

Avery has an impressive and unique combination of strengths in sustainability, policy and planning, preservation, art history, and economic development.  In her MCP capstone project, she prepared a plan for placemaking in downtown Mobile which included many sustainability solutions that the City of Mobile could realistically implement to create a vibrant downtown and a sense of place. In another class project she created a historic preservation plan for the City of Auburn. Avery’s projects demonstrate that preservation and development can complement each other and are equally vital to a city’s success.   

Avery served as a Research Intern for the City of Mobile’s Planning and Zoning Department and researched dozens of U.S. cities’ zoning ordinances, comprehensive plans, and resilience reports to identify and enhance Mobile’s resiliency objectives. She created a report on Mobile’s goals and objectives toward becoming a more climate change-resilient city. The City of Mobile was so impressed with Avery’s work that it asked her to return for additional research work during her winter break. The following summer she interned with the Fuse Project, a nonprofit in Downtown Mobile, AL. In her future career, Avery plans to use her skillsets and passion to advocate for effective community enhancement in the Mobile region. 

Avery has been an effective advocate for sustainability and the MCP program on Auburn’s campus, as evidenced by the array of initiatives she created and managed.  As the President of the Auburn University Student Planning Association (SPAAU), Avery organized educational and engagement displays at campus sustainability events, and engaged students on how community planning and local government action can lead to more sustainable communities. 

Avery invited several excellent guest speakers to campus to talk to students regarding social justice and sustainability. She organized multiple SPAAU social events to build student community and created a welcoming environmental design for the planning studio. Her efforts were particularly impactful in alleviating social isolation caused by Covid-19, and in improving personal well-being and connectedness for all MCP students. 

Image of Avery Agostinelli with their award