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Anne Randle

Alumna ~ City of Auburn, Auburn, Alabama

Anne Randle is a certified arborist and Graduate of Auburn University College of Agriculture and College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.  She has been the City of Auburn’s Urban Forestry Specialist since April 2019.

In a mere two years, Anne has transformed Auburn’s Urban Forestry Program.  She has modernized the tree inventory and assessment program, adding over 3,000 trees to the city’s database. She has conducted health and risk assessments of those trees and developed and implemented standard operating procedures for Tree Risk Assessments.  Anne has also developed and implemented Street Tree Removal and Replacement Procedures.  She has revised the list of regionally appropriate tree species for the City, developed a draft Street Tree Plan to guide future plantings and improve the City’s street trees, done tree selection and sourcing for various City projects, and organized numerous volunteer events.

Anne has obtained grant funding to reduce invasive species while giving away 250 trees to Auburn citizens, and she has developed the draft framework for an Urban Forest Management Plan for the City. Anne collaborates with professionals and local organizations, city staff, and others, always advocating for more caring, more community service, and more trees.  Anne’s accomplishments in two short years have already laid a foundation that will benefit Auburn for generations to come.

Photo of Anne Randle with her Spirit of Sustainability Award