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Photo of Alexis Harrison as she receives her award from Office of Sustainability Director, Mike Kensler.

Alexis Harrison receives her award from Office of Sustainability Director, Mike Kensler.

Alexis Harrison — Student

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Alexis Harrison enlivens sustainability through her consistent voice, critical analysis, and passionate embodiment of practice. Whether through her training or peer leadership, she brings vitality to the conversations around sustainability and gives rise to a voice for those often left out of the discussions. Alexis’ dedication to exploring and living out the values of sustainability, combined with her optimism about the future we can create, continually inspires those around her to work together for a sustainable world.

Alexis’ ability to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the finer details needed to get a job done serves her well in her mission to help create a sustainable tomorrow. She is a consistent voice in classes within her Environmental Design major, as well as across the curriculum, for a bold vision of the types of systems and landscapes needed to create the context for a vibrant and healthy community. When combined with her positive, outgoing personality, Alexis has been able to lead teams of her peers in the design of sustainability-oriented, community-based projects like a Walking School Bus and a multi-sensory play structure for young children.

Alexis not only inspires her peers in the classroom, but also demonstrates her capacity for leadership in extra-curricular activities. She is an active member in the Environmental Design Student Organization, most recently serving as Secretary. In addition, she’s served as the sustainability chair for The Challenge, a student-led initiative of AU’s Center for Leadership and Ethics. Alexis has also volunteered her time in active service with Habitat for Humanity; the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction; and the Office of Sustainability in an effort to directly improve the world around us.

Alexis Harrison is a senior in the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction’s Environmental Design program and is minoring in Sustainability. She hopes to learn more about the future of sustainability throughout her academic and professional careers, and is driven to help make a difference by redeveloping communities to benefit both the residents and the environment.