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Students interested in learning more about sustainability through practical experience will find a number of opportunities available right here on Auburn’s main campus. In addition to our office, current on-campus programs that offer internships in areas related to sustainability include:

Academic Sustainability Programs

Auburn Technical Assistance Center

Waste Reduction & Recycling

For more information about opportunities in these areas, please contact the appropriate office.

Office of Sustainability Opportunities


Photo of the 2016-17 Office of Sustainability Interns

2016-17 Office Interns at the AASHE Conference in Baltimore. From bottom to top: Diana Rowell, Hallie Nelson, Kaitlin Robb, Kenzley Defler, Kelsey Lawrence, Max Garcia, and Matt Preisser.

The Office of Sustainability offers paid student employment opportunities each academic year beginning with the fall semester in August.  Positions are open to students who have sophomore, junior, or senior standing at the beginning of the academic year.

Students from any academic discipline that want to make a difference by applying their talents, training, and skills in ways that will support Auburn University in its move toward sustainability are encouraged to apply.

Office of Sustainability student staff have the opportunity to work on a range of individual and team projects. As such, we look for self-motivated, team-oriented, and collaborative individuals who are capable of independent work.  Our expectation is that our student staff will commit to 15 hours per week while classes are in session.

In applying specific knowledge, skills, & talents, student staff will:

  • be part of a team to cultivate & spread an ethic & practice of sustainability;
  • take a leadership role in sustainability projects on campus;
  • serve as a liaison for the Office of Sustainability;
  • help with office support duties;
  • assist with the campus battery recycling program;
  • attend a weekly staff meeting;
  • attend a weekly team meeting; &
  • attend sustainability trainings & other events.

We issue a call for applications each February and make final decisions for the next academic year by the end of March.  Announcements for applications are made via our digest, website, This Week at AU, and social media.

For questions concerning employment, please contact us.

Meet Our Student Staff

Each year we’re lucky to have a group of undergraduate students contribute their time and talents to help achieve our mission.  You can learn a bit more about this year’s group below, and of course, you can meet our prior year student staff, too!

Photo of Chloe McMahon
Program Coordinator

Chloe McMahon

Junior | English Literature | Intercultural Communication

Sustainability issues have been a part of Chloe’s life from the beginning, since she grew up in a low-income community where all economic opportunity was housed in chicken farming, factory work, and jobs at the local nuclear plant. Through this, she realized that lower socioeconomic communities felt the major toll of unsustainable practices through the health issues that resulted from these jobs. Class issues have, in fact, been the main driver of her interest in sustainability. Chloe is a junior majoring in English-Literature with a minor in Intercultural Communication. Driven to address the disparities in education, she hopes to spend her career working with different nonprofits that aim to improve school systems through locating passionate and socially-conscious educators in underserved school systems. Spheres such as community planning, urbanization, and the environmentalism of the poor interlink the issues of education equality and sustainability, and they were a gateway into Chloe’s passion for embedding sustainable and ethical practices into America’s infrastructure. Through her time working with the Office of Sustainability, Chloe hopes to deepen her understanding of how sustainable practices can be implemented in all spheres of life.
Photo of Jacqueline Hughes
Communications Specialist

Jacqueline Hughes

Junior | Communications | Business

Jacqueline is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in business, and absolutely loves her major and what she can do with it. Jacqueline is from the San Francisco Bay Area and decided to go to Auburn for warmer weather, great sports, and to see a new part of the country. Sustainability has always been part of her lifestyle, but in her role as Communications Specialist, she hopes to gain larger-scale knowledge on what it means to be sustainable at a university, and help others practice sustainability as well. Her older brother encouraged her to try out this role as he did the same one and loved it when he was in college. After college, she wants to be in advertising or marketing, utilizing media data to drive brand recognition. Outside of school, she loves hiking with friends, going on coffee runs, and reviewing restaurants and dishes for her food Instagram.
Photo of Lane Mullins
Design Specialist

Lane Mullins

Junior | Graphic Design

Lane Mullins is a junior majoring in Graphic Design. Lane grew up in Birmingham, Alabama but spent his high school years in eSwatini, Africa, where his parents did missionary work. Since starting college at Auburn, Lane has developed an interest in sustainability and the role that design can play in creating and promoting a more sustainable campus and world at large. He is interested in exploring ways that design can play a role in solving ecological problems in the world as we grapple with a global climate crisis. As the Design Specialist for the Office of Sustainability, Lane wants to use problem solving design thinking as a tool to address the challenges we face as a campus community.
Photo of Meredith Lynch
Outreach Coordinator

Meredith Lynch

Junior | Marketing | Sustainability

Meredith is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Sustainability Studies. She lived in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up an Auburn fan. Meredith always loved science growing up and fell in love with the environment after taking a class in Environmental Science in high school. Her other passions include Auburn football, watching documentaries, dance parties, and Chick fil a. Some of her life goals include (but are not limited to) seeing the Great Barrier Reef, visiting all the National Parks, learning how to play the guitar, and play hide and seek in Ikea. She loves recycling and has convinced her roommates to give up plastic straws for good through a very convincing PowerPoint. As an intern for the Office of Sustainability, she hopes to educate and inspire others to be good stewards of the environment by making small environmentally friendly decisions.